George is currently a senior research and development manager for a large corporation. He has served at high ranking posts in the Information Technology departments in the banking sector and the IT industry. He is currently to be considered a world class developer.

His biggest achievement, a beautiful daughter that partners with him in all his activities like sailing, martial arts, fishing, climbing and who knows what else in the future.

George has also been a distinct athlete in serving on a major boat sailing crew participating in various national races which besides his achievements gave him the nickname "Plorios". He is also a "chef" class cook that enjoys treating his friends with rare delicacies and good spirits while at the end of the day you might find him enjoying a nice long cigar along with a glass of the finest scotch whiskey.

Thanassis is currently a professor at higher education institution and an active researcher with a UK University. Prior to the Academic sector he has worked mostly as an IS consultant in various corporations but most of his career was spent in innovative, for their time, entrepreneur endeavours.

He is the proud father of two twin daughters who he considers the smartest and cutest creatures on earth. How original!

Thanassis is a worrying spirit always a dreamer, self-sarcastic and somewhat cynical from time to time with a constantly changing vision that always includes friends and teamwork based on trust and honesty.

It is not an accident that George and Thanassis joined forces together. They both did their undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Greece and UK at the same universities. They have enjoyed a loyal friendship for over 20 years. They had vacations together, watched the dusk and dawn together and now they are both fathers in love with their daughters.

Our vision, a better, safer world for our children. For all the children in the world.


Special thanks to Marianthy Yiannopoulou who edited all the text. Marianthy has had a long carrier career in Higher Education in Greece and is currently an instructor at an Edinburgh College, in Scotland. Being a mother of two teenagers and a natural linguistic talent, she was the most suitable person to serve as an editor in this endeavour.

Special thanks to Vaggelis Lasithiotakis for his artistic contributions. Vaggelis is currently a graduate student of Deree College Business School and who also served as the president of the Computer Information Systems Society. We look forward to a more essential cooperation in our future projects.

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